We welcome you to make our space your sanctuary

About Us

Located on Cooper Street within walking distance of the University of Texas at Arlington, we are the premier rental space for a wide range of events, classes, workshops, and performances.

From weddings to baby showers, first birthdays to graduations, private parties and corporate gatherings, we’re sure you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for to make your special occasion extra special.

We invite you to come and make our space your sanctuary, and make your memories last a lifetime.

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Pura Vida Sanctuary is one of four Pura Vida organizations united in their commitment to support, equip, and encourage local and international communities of color. For more information on what our non profit is doing to impact a community near you, and how you can be involved, please visit livepuravida.org. Partial proceeds goes to our non profit, Live Pura Vida!